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When I turned 18, I hit a major crossroads. I knew
if I didn’t get help, I wouldn’t last much longer. I had
been struggling with perfectionism that was crippling me
to the point of constant anxiety. It led me down a dark
path, one of self-injury ideation and addiction. For years,
I struggled in silence. I told no one.

Reaching out for help wasn’t easy, but it was
crucial to my survival. Slowly, I began to see the light at
the end of the tunnel—and grew closer to God along the
way. I allowed Him to take me on a healing journey that
spanned ten years. When all was said and done, I got
better. I got healthy, and I want to help you do the same.

When I learned more about Him, I discovered His
plan for me and all His children who fight these silent
battles each and every day. He never intended for our
mental illnesses to hold us captive. Rather, he planned
for them to fortify our faith in ourselves--and in Him.

In this book, I expose eight lies your mind will tell
you that keep you from winning your silent battles. I also
provide you with the truth as ammo to help you combat
each of these lies. What I am offering you is not a quick
fix. It’ll take work, but it’ll be worth it. Just remember
that you’re never alone. You have the support of others
facing similar struggles and that of God as your loving
shield. If you’re ready to start winning your silent battle,
take my hand and we’ll go through this journey together.

Winning the Silent Battle ebook

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