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Your Book Coach Extraordinaire! 


In 2017 Desireé got the idea for her first book. Excited about the notion of bringing her dream to life she started writing. But a few months in writing turned to doubt. Doubt turned to stalling. Stalling continued for several months. This spiral would have continued if she hadn't come face to screen with a mentor who would forever change her life. With the help of this mentor, in 2020 Desireé finished writing her first book and went on to have it published. Since then she has continued to write in various mediums. Desireé has gone from barely writing to now publishing three books in three years. While continuing to hone her craft and write moving and memorable stories, Desireé has started a book coaching and publishing program. In it she takes would-be writers and turns them into Scribal CHAMPIONs. If you, like her, need someone to help you get your book written and start your author journey, contact her today.

More About King's Glory Publishing House

We are Scribal CHAMPIONs who have chosen to take a stand for Kingdom values and books that are missing from the marketplace. We do this by helping struggling Kingdom writers-men and women-become published authors. We bring them from "I can't do this" to TAKING GROUND in their land, by helping them craft stories that carry power and influence so they can expand the Kingdom and live out their calling.

We believe that you have a story and a message that can impact people and impart to them Truth. We believe the written word has the power to transform and lead people into light or darkness. With all the stories that are flooding the marketplace with false values and confusion we want to spread light, hope, love, and above all else, Truth. You have a powerful message inside you that can do just that. You have a revelation that God has shown you. You have a breakthrough that He’s imparted to you that you can in turn impart to someone else. With our group and individualized coaching, we are going to help you craft your story into a weapon of light to plunder the darkness. We are going to help you edit and get your story out into the marketplace. We’re doing this for you to fulfill the dream you have of writing and answer the call of the Lord to write with boldness. We are also doing this for the readers-the people who are waiting to hear your story! 

Your Roadmap to Publishing

Everything you need to know about the ins and outs of publishing your next book.

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If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form. When you do so please tell me a bit about your book idea.

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