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Desireé Theassa Young

Portal fantasy and memoirs

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Portal Fantasy coming summer 2024


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About Desireé Theassa Young

Desireé is an author and publisher born and raised in the southeast WI area. She minored in creative writing while in school and has always loved the connection that people get when they read whether it’s a work of fiction or someone else’s life story. She always dreamed of writing a book someday but it wasn’t until 2020 that the dream became a reality. Since then Desireé has continued to write and managed to publish three books in three years. The first was a realistic fiction novel about human trafficking. The next two were memoirs.

Desireé served as a chapter leader for Kingdom Writers Association for two years. There she encouraged and equipped several people in writing and releasing their own stories. Following this passion she founded King’s Glory Publishing House. Her company offers book coaching, editing and marketing services to help Kingdom minded people write and distribute their work. In doing so, these scribal champions bring Kingdom values back into the marketplace.

Desireé still continues to write her own stories and is working on a portal fantasy series set to debut in the summer of 2024. The series is great for young adults who love Eragon, How to Train Your Dragon and The Chronicles of Narnia. 


This book is perfect for a daily dose of encouragement. There were some stories that resonated with me more than others, as I’m sure this will be true for others as well.
I loved reading stories similar to my life experiences.
I especially loved the stories written by women, encouraging other women through the various challenges we face. The sentiment of “I know. I understand.” Was so clear and impactful throughout many of the personal stories.
I loved Krista’s story in the last chapter. It was the perfect way to end the book. I especially loved Desiree Young’s chapter. The powerful statement in her story, “the curses are cursed,” is one that I currently live daily, but I’ve never heard it put into such simple yet powerful terms.
You should read this book, you will be glad you did!

Sarah Harbut, Broken Chapters, Amazon Review

What Readers & Clients Are Saying

"My journey towards becoming an author today isn’t complete without Desireé. I remember that meeting with her and the challenging questions she asked me when I said writing wasn’t meant for me. She immediately stirred up a dormant potential in me and was readily available to provide time and needed guidance towards the completion and publishing of my first book. She walked me through the process, edited the manuscript and assisted with other resources that I needed. Today, I am a proud author of two books and both published within a year. I don’t have any doubts about working with her and proud to recommend her to anyone. She is an excellent author and knows what publishing entails."

Lola Lawal

"This quick read gives the reader a window into the life of a young Millennial’s struggle to come to terms with perfectionism, anxiety, and addiction. It is a faith-based book that urges readers to see the bigger picture while also sharing contemporary lessons drawn from film and superhero characters."

Dr. Bivins, Winning the Silent Battle, Amazon Review

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